The budget is managed online through web-based interface.

The database is managed online, on an Extranet server, thus allowing immediate monitoring of expenditures and reduces the risk of errors.

The interface access is restricted to authorized persons. Confidentiality is provided by each partner's login and password.

The results can be exported in a summary table of the budget and expenditures automatically presented in the format required by the African Union.


 The tool has four main tabs and two other tabs for managing user accounts.

  1. Budget monitoring: Display initial and realized budget.
  2. List of all expenses.
  3. Menu to input new invoice(s).
  4. List of editable invoices which can be modified. As soon as an invoice is modified, the corresponding budget line is automatically updated.
  5. Management of the user's account.
  6. (Tab visible only by the project manager): Management of users list and access rights.

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